Help your employees cover the cost of eye care for themselves and their families.

Group Vision Insurance

Group vision coverage is a form of insurance that assists policyholders in covering the costs of eye care. Numerous companies provide vision insurance, with employees contributing a premium, typically via paycheck deductions. This can be an excellent means of ensuring security concerning one's visual well-being. Generally, vision insurance encompasses the following:

Routine Eye Care

A majority of vision policies include coverage for yearly eye checkups.

Eyeglass Frames and Lenses

Numerous vision policies cover eyeglass frames and lenses. Some plans may grant a fixed dollar amount for frames, coupled with price reductions for lenses, or necessitate a copayment for each component.

Contact Lenses

Vision insurance policies typically include contact lenses coverage. Similar to frames and lenses, some plans allocate a fixed dollar sum for contact lenses or necessitate copayments for each element.

Price Reductions

Vision insurance policies might provide discounts on supplementary vision care offerings, such as laser vision correction, non-prescription sunglasses, and other items.

Medical Prescriptions

Most vision insurance policies cover prescription eyewear like lenses and contact lenses.

Additional Perks

Certain vision policies may provide extra benefits, including discounts on eyeglass repairs, reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses on glasses or contacts, complimentary second pair of glasses, orthoptics (vision therapy), and even international travel protection.

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