Property Insurance: Navigating Climate Impact & Inflation

Drone shot of bleak looking industrial buildings Navigating Climate Impact & Inflation s

In a world increasingly shaped by climate change and economic challenges, the property insurance landscape for U.S. property owners and managers is changing at an unprecedented rate. From the impact of soaring inflation to the mounting losses from natural disasters, these changes are redefining how we perceive risk and insurance in the property sector. This…

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Guide to Commercial Property Insurance

Action shot of interior of mall protected by commercial property insurance.

As a commercial or industrial property owner or manager, safeguarding your investments is crucial to ensuring the success and continuity of your operations. That’s where commercial property insurance comes into play. From free-standing buildings to leased offices and even home-based businesses, commercial property insurance offers vital protection for your physical assets. Whether it’s the building…

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Real Estate Trends 2023: Insights for US Property Owners & Managers

gloomy sky over downtown office buildings office spells difficulty for us property owners & managers

In the landscape of the US real estate market, understanding the latest industry trends is critical for commercial, industrial, and multi-unit US property owners and managers. From the upsurge in remote work to the increasing need for flexible workspaces, commercial real estate is entering an era of transformation. So, by understanding real estate trends in…

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Navigating Market Shifts in US Commercial Real Estate

Looking upwards at imposing glass faced office buildings navigating market shifts in US commercial real estate

The commercial real estate (CRE) industry is continuously evolving, driven by economic, technological, and social trends. Navigating market shifts in US commercial real estate requires commercial real estate professionals, including owners and managers of buildings, are facing a multitude of concerns. This article will discuss some of the most pressing issues currently affecting the industry,…

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